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Water Delivery Pipeline For Drip Irrigation Equipment
May 19, 2017

The diversion of water from a water supply device to a drip irrigation area such as a greenhouse. For greenhouses, they are usually of grade two, that is, dry pipes and branch pipes, and drip irrigation pipes are installed directly on the branch pipes. The drip irrigation pipe is made of high pressure polyethylene or poly vinyl chloride tubing. The inner diameter of the pipe has a different specification of 25-100 millimeters. Outside the greenhouse, the dry pipe is buried below 0.8-1 meters of frozen ground. The inner diameter of the water outlet pipe leading to the greenhouse is 37.5-50 mm, and the water pipe needs to be equipped with a filter to prevent rust and silt blockage. The filter uses 8-10 purpose gauze filtration, and a pressure gauge, valve and fertilizer mixing tank (volume 0.5-1 cubic meters) shall be installed. The pipes that enter the greenhouse are usually placed on the ground in front of the greenhouse or in front of the passage.

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