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The Symposium On Artificial Intelligence And Intelligent Agricultural Innovation And Development-Inserting The Wings Of Intelligent Technology For Agriculture
Dec 13, 2017

In order to seize this great strategic opportunity, we have organized the Symposium on artificial intelligence and intelligent agriculture innovation and development in recent years with the help of AI technology innovation to promote the rapid development of agriculture from mechanization to informatization and intellectualization. Jiang Danping, deputy director of the division of rural science and technology center, director of Dun Jia Jing rural science and technology management relevant responsible comrades, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research Institute, academician Sun Jiulin Luo Xiwen of South China Agricultural University of science and technology, National Defense Industry Bureau Committee academician Yan Chuliang, country agricultural information technology research center director Zhao Chunjiang academician and other well-known experts in the field of intelligent agriculture at the meeting.

Jiang Danping, deputy director, pointed out that the development of intelligent agriculture should grasp the trend, seize opportunities and highlight problems, and plan intelligent agricultural major innovation projects around the major strategic needs of the country, so as to improve agricultural competitive advantage and promote agricultural modernization. Director Jia Jingdun emphasized that we should identify the orientation of Intelligent Agriculture in the scientific and technological innovation system, understand the scientific problems, strengthen the deployment of intelligent agricultural technology, and promote the implementation of the relevant national strategy, and drive the development of intelligent industry in the field of agriculture by technological innovation. Experts talked about the forefront of the development of AI technology in the agricultural field, and put forward some suggestions for the development and direction of intelligent agriculture.

Through this conference, we further clarify the strategic framework and train of thought for the integration and development of agricultural industry and AI in China, and provide important references for the national innovation driven development strategy and the decision and deployment of related science and technology plans.

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