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National Key Research And Development Plan -- Integration Of Water And Fertilizer Projects
Nov 20, 2017

Northwest agriculture and forestry, Jilin Agricultural University and other 13 universities, Beijing, Chinese IWHR agricultural intelligent equipment research center and 11 research institutes, Jin Zhengda group, Shanghai Huawei and other 4 industry leading enterprises, more than 110 representatives and the Ministry of Agriculture National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, a total of 29 units involved in the project participated in the meeting.

Eight subjects, such as Guo Wenzhong, Li Yunkai and Hu Tiantian, elaborated the key innovation points of the research group in detail. Chinese academician, Academy of Engineering Kang Shaozhong National Agricultural Information Technology Research Center Director Zhao Chunjiang researcher project expert group on the topic of focus and cross made appropriate comments and suggestions.

National key research and development project of "nutrient in situ monitoring and fertilization integrated fertilization technology and equipment" by Professor Yan Haijun, Dean of the school of water conservancy and civil engineering, China Agricultural University, is the chief expert. Project experts, technical experts, big coffee gathered.

The national key R & D plan is the latest scientific and technological plan after the implementation of the national science and technology plan management reform.

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