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Method For Using Drip Irrigation Equipment
May 19, 2017

Water delivery pressure adjustment. The water pressure to 0.03-0.05 MPa, the pressure is too large, easy to cause hose rupture. When there is no pressure gauge, you can judge from the running of the dripping hose. If the hose is approximately round, with little water pressure, it can be considered as a suitable pressure. If the hose is stretched too tight, water is too large, which shows that the pressure is too large, should be adjusted. Regulation of water supply. Irrigation water according to different stages of crop growing and weather conditions to determine the general per mu (1 mu =1/15 hectares) per irrigation, 20 cubic meters, to grasp the little seedling, crop growing period to drought to irrigation, high temperature. When there is no flow meter, the time of water supply by the hose can be calculated or judged according to the wetness of the soil. Although each irrigation time will be affected by water delivery pressure, soft belt diameter, soft strip number, size and density of the drop hole and flow rate, but usually more than 2-3 hours. It is more scientific to use the 75-1 type soil moisture meter to supply water according to the suitable irrigation amount needed by crops. In the actual production, irrigation vegetables tend to do better than the traditional irrigation vegetables easily soaring, so be properly controlled, to avoid affecting the yield. Fertilization technique. When applying the drip irrigation system, you can purchase special fertilizer equipment, and you can also make it home. The liquid outlet pipe is connected with the branch pipe of the burette hose, and the dissolved fertilizer is added to the fertilizer device continuously, or the fertilizer is pressed into the branch pipe by a micro pump or an atomizer to complete the fertilizer application. Fertilization usually takes half an hour before the end of irrigation. The holes in the fertilizer shall be closed when they are not in use.

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