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Drip Line To Ensure That The Wall From The Erosion Of Rain
Oct 31, 2017

The drip line is a structure that prevents the rain on the wall from flowing into the building interior or in the interior to cause erosion or other adverse effects on the building. Drip line belongs to the details of the building structure, but also often overlooked in the construction of the place. The drip line has the characteristics of small structure, simple structure and fine craftsmanship, but it has important influence on the usability, Drip Line durability and aesthetics of the building. Thus, the drip line as a construction of the building should be taken seriously, in the design and construction process must be carefully implemented design specifications and construction acceptance specifications.

The drip lines of the building are usually located at the junction of the facade and the bottom plane of the balconies, awnings, outriggers, windows, pockets and other components, Drip Line since these buildings are made from these So that the rain will be disconnected in this place, so if the rain is not broken, then the rain will follow the protruding parts of these protruding components to the bottom of the component, thus affecting the overall effect of the structure.

Do the advantages of dripping line

1. drip line can not only prevent the rain into the wall inside, but also to prevent the snow in the melting of the wall when the leakage of a certain aesthetic effect. For example, the single-layer industrial plant in the lower side of the skylight mountain side of the skylight side of the upper window of the dripping line, Drip Line where the purpose of the drip line is to prevent the plant roof of the snow when the snow melts into the building wall.

2. drip line can prevent rain and other leakage into the building inside, thereby reducing the use of buildings and aesthetic effects. Therefore, in the construction of the rapid development of modern society, the dripping line is very necessary to deal with.

In the construction work in order to prevent the water from the vertical wall flow to the bottom side of the wall design, along the lower part of the structure around the layout of the groove-like parts, Drip Line called the drip line (also known as drip tank). Generally set in the rain Peng, windows, stairs, balconies, parapet wall and highlight the external walls of the waist and other parts.

The role of the drip line is to prevent rain water hook water and affect the appearance of the building or due to rain erosion of buildings, will affect people living environment. Staircase drip line can be done corner or inlaid u-shaped slot to prevent rain hook water, generally in the stairs outside the following 3 to 4 cm, it is best to even as a whole can effectively prevent hook water. The edge of the stairs have 5 centimeters around the edge is expected to thickness of about 1cm, that is dripping line, Drip Line if not a sub-staircase left to the stairs behind the water, and will not, and water to the drip line from Dripping line to the ground, the general windowsill below, to be an olecranon, but also dripping line, in order to make the water left to the wall.

In the outer window under the board will generally have a concave line, it is to prevent the rain flowing along the board to the wall design, the rain will fall outside this line, Drip Line this is the drip line, apply to the building block Drip requirements of the site, the general drip line made in the window under the beam under the mouth, if the concrete surface is smooth to deal with its surface "hair treatment". Usually in the bottom and the outer wall of the junction of the place, from the corner 1-2cm, to do a 1cm wide groove, Drip Line so that the water was cut off and not inward flow. Thus preventing the rain from flowing into the home.

Dropping range is the area of the area where the dripping line of the house is surrounded by the outer wall. China's land law and other relevant laws and regulations stipulate that the owner of the house only enjoy the right to use the land within the dripping line of the house.

Drip line using the flow of fluid along the convex phenomenon, Drip Line the water leads to the wall, to ensure that the wall from the erosion of rain

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