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Drip Irrigation Pipe - The Factor Of Selecting Drip Irrigation Pipe
Nov 10, 2017

drip irrigation pipe should comply with the following principles:

1, the water output of drip irrigation pipe should be suitable for crop needs [decompression valve]. For example: fruit trees, irrigation generally need a larger amount of water pressure, so the use of turbulence as drip irrigation emitters, vegetables and fruits generally use drip irrigation belt or drip irrigation pipe.

2. Drip irrigation method should be suitable for crop needs [decompression valve]. For example: cucumber, tomato and other crops irrigation generally use film drip irrigation belt, drip irrigation under Film Irrigation to reduce air humidity, reduce the incidence. Flowers, seedlings, fungi generally use micro sprinkler or micro spray belt, increase air humidity, promote crop growth.

3, the selection of drip irrigation pipe should follow the principle of economic and applicable lamination filter, scientific and reasonable, simple operation, convenient management. For example: in drip irrigation system with Drip Irrigation irrigation and the lowest cost, convenient transportation, easy installation; the high cost of irrigation, but life for a long time, the average cost is low; pressure compensating emitter operation is good, reliable use, but the installation of complex, high labor costs; drop arrow is simple and convenient, performance [atomization nozzle] reliable, but the range to limited, the potted flowers in Landscape Application of drip irrigation with wide; turbulator on terrain for laminated filter is good, complete specifications, low cost, but the installation of complex.

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