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Drip Irrigation Equipment Layout And Installation
Oct 31, 2017

Drip irrigation equipment is drip irrigation technology used in the combination of irrigation tools, called drip irrigation equipment.

Drip irrigation equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Energy saving: drip irrigation pressure is much lower than spray irrigation, energy saving, irrigation water use rate is high, so reduce the pumping capacity, corresponding to reduce the pumping energy, Drip Irrigation Equipment which in the high-head irrigation effect is more obvious.

2. Water saving: drip irrigation is a local irrigation method, drip irrigation equipment according to the needs of crops to accurately irrigate, with pipeline water, very water, Drip Irrigation Equipment generally more than ground irrigation water 30% -50%, some crops up to 80% About 10% -20% less than the provincial irrigation water.

3. Soil and terrain adaptability: drip irrigation can be adapted to any complex terrain, even in the rocks on the tree can also drip irrigation. Drip irrigation irrigation strength is low, can adapt to the low penetration rate of sticky soil, and because of a long irrigation time, ground irrigation, Drip Irrigation Equipment even in the highly permeable sandy soil will not cause serious deep leakage. Under certain conditions, drip irrigation can also be adapted to brackish water irrigation.

4. Irrigation even: drip irrigation can effectively control the amount of water per drip, irrigation uniformity, generally up to 80% -90%.

Drip irrigation is a semi-automatic mechanical irrigation, installed drip irrigation equipment, use as long as the opening of the valve, transferred to the appropriate pressure, you can send water to the crop root area of self-irrigation. Drip irrigation than ground ditch to save water 30% to 40%, Drip Irrigation Equipment the destruction of soil structure greatly reduced. The temperature of the greenhouse is higher than that of the traditional ground irrigation, which is beneficial to the early and early development of the cultivated crops. The low humidity is beneficial to alleviate the occurrence of pests and diseases, and the yield is obvious. The average fruit and vegetable can increase 10% ~ 20%.

1. The composition of drip irrigation equipment

Water supply device: including water, water pump, flow and pressure regulator, fertilizer mixing box, fertilizer injector. Into the drip irrigation pipe water must have a certain pressure in order to ensure the delivery of irrigation water and dripping. To obtain a certain pressure of water can use the existing water tower, the need to calculate the water tower and irrigation pipe relative height difference, Drip Irrigation Equipment the general requirements of the water pressure of 0.1 to 0.2 MPa, equivalent to the water tower and irrigation area relative height difference of 10m or more.

In the well next to the installation of pressure tank: pressure tank capacity of 2 ~ 8m3, well water into the pressure after the pressure to 0.2 ~ 0.5 MPa, the pressure tank should be equipped with automatic replenishment device to ensure uninterrupted uniform water supply.

Simple storage tank: in the greenhouse next to the installation of simple storage tanks, Drip Irrigation Equipment such as iron drums, tanks, plastic tanks, cement ponds, the general capacity of 0.5m3. The height of the storage tank is about 1.5m from the ground, and the water is continuously injected into the storage tank with a micro-pump.

Water supply pipeline: the water supply device water to the greenhouse and other drip irrigation channel. For the greenhouse, the general is two-level, that is, dry pipe and branch, drip irrigation pipe directly installed in the branch pipe. Drip irrigation tube for the high-pressure polyethylene or polychloride tube, tube diameter 25 ~ 100mm different specifications. The dry pipe outside the greenhouse is buried below the frozen soil layer of 0.8 ~ 1m deep. Drip Irrigation Equipment The inner diameter of the outlet pipe leading to the greenhouse is 37.5 ~ 50mm, and the filter should be installed on the pipeline to prevent rust and sediment clogging. Filter with 8 to 10 mesh gauze filter, at the same time to install the pressure gauge valve and fertilizer mixing box (volume 0.5 ~ 1m3). Into the greenhouse after the pipeline is generally placed in the greenhouse column or channel on the ground before.

Drip part: the use of polyethylene plastic film drip irrigation, thickness 0.8 ~ 1.2mm, diameter 16,20,25,32,40,50 mm and other specifications, the color is black and blue, mainly to prevent the tube green green moss, blocked pipeline. Solar greenhouse cultivation ridge or furrow is relatively short, the choice of small diameter hose. Droplet tube with a row of left and right sides of a row of 0.5 ~ 0.7mm diameter drip holes, Drip Irrigation Equipment each side of the hole 25mm, both sides of the staggered holes arranged. When the water pressure reaches 0.02 ~ 0.05 MPa, the hose will play a role in water delivery, the soft water from the sides of the drip into the rhizosphere soil. The water consumption per cubic meter of soft water is 13.5 to 27L per hour.

2. Discharge hose installation and installation

Sunlight greenhouse generally take the east and west to the planting, branch pipe arranged in the north side of the greenhouse, drip soft belt in general according to the crop line (plot) distance, Drip Irrigation Equipment was a single sub-sub-layout. Drip soft and branch pipe connection there are two ways: one is to use 40 × 25mm reducer tee connection, of which 25mm end of the set of drip soft after the rope or wire tie, drip soft side of the other To tie, and then with the diameter of 40mm black semi-soft plastic pipe, according to a certain distance will be different ends of the three links connected to the two ends of the greenhouse connection pipe with plastic plug tight. With a different diameter three links connected drip soft, large amount of water, fast flow, especially for more than 50m length of the greenhouse. If the greenhouse is too long, from the greenhouse part of the East and West into two groups, the installation of two valves, the implementation of group irrigation; the other is the distribution of water pipes in accordance with the layout of the soft hole drilling, The soft belt is connected to the bypass outlet and tightened. Bypass cheaper, the installation of the three provinces than the provincial workers, solar greenhouse water distance is small, generally use this connection method.

3. Use methods and precautions

How to use: Water pressure adjustment. The water pressure transferred to 0.03 ~ 0.05 MPa, the pressure is too large easy to cause the hose rupture. There is no pressure gauge, the drip hose from the operation to be judged, if the hose was similar to the circular, the sound is not that can be considered appropriate pressure. If the hose is stretched too tight, too much water, indicating that the pressure is too large, should be adjusted; water supply regulation. Irrigation water according to the different growth stages of crops and weather conditions to determine the general every 667m2 irrigation about 20m3 or so, should grasp the seedling to less crop growth period is more, Drip Irrigation Equipment high temperature and drought irrigation to irrigation principles. When there is no flowmeter display, it can be calculated by the time of hose supply, or according to the wetness of the soil. Although the time of each irrigation to be affected by the water pressure, soft band diameter, the number of soft strip, the size and density of drip holes and flow and other factors, but generally more than 2 to 3 hours. The use of 75-1 type soil hygrometer, Drip Irrigation Equipment according to the needs of the appropriate irrigation water supply more scientific. In actual production, drip irrigation of vegetables is often more than traditional irrigation of vegetables easy to soaring, so be appropriate to control, to avoid affecting the yield; fertilization technology. The use of drip irrigation equipment fertilization, you can purchase a special fertilizer device, but also homemade. Connect the outlet pipe to the branch pipe of the dropper hose, add the dissolved fertilizer continuously to the fertilizer application, Drip Irrigation Equipment or press the chemical pump with the micro pump or the sprayer into the branch pipe to complete the fertilization. Fertilization is usually done half an hour before the end of the irrigation The The wells of the imported fertilizer should be closed when not in use.

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