Inline Dripper Drip Tape

Inline Dripper Drip tape is the one of the most effective equipment for the irrigation in the drought area, the utilization of the water could be as high as 95%. Drip line irrigation could save more water than spray irrigation, and when combined with fertilization, it could also enhance the efficiency of fertilizer by 50%.
Features of the Inline Dripper Drip Tape
1.The emitter has automatic filtering window, anti-blocking capacity is good.
2.It adopts turbulent flow passage design, water dripping volume is even and stable. The pipe line could build in a very long range.
3.Congestion proof drip head: equipped with screen net, to prevent clogging.
4.Drip head closely bonded with the pipe line: the drip head is embedded in the dripline to guarantee the performance.
5.Water outflow cavity with large section which improves the ability of anti-blocking.
6.Long usage life: aging resistant material to prolong the service time.
7.It's widely used in many fields, such as cropland, garden and greenhouse vegetables. The distances between emitters can be adjusted according to the actual needs.
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