Flat Drip Tape has a filter , a good anti-blocking performance and turbulence flow designing,so irrigation is uniform,drippers are integrated with tubes;and the distance betweet drippers can be adjusted flexibly.It has great scope of application.
The flat drip tape is an integrated drip tape with a flat-shaped dripper set on the inner wall of the tube. The dripper is integrated with the tube and is easy to install and use, low in cost and low in investment. The dripper has a self-filtering window for good anti-clogging performance. The labyrinth flow channel has a certain pressure compensation effect. The distance between the drip heads can be determined according to user requirements.
The drip Tape with inner inlaid flat drippers is a new type of irrigation product, developed based on drip tape with cylindrical drippers. The product can meet the requirements of the precise agriculture.
Application Area:
1. Applied in the greenhouse, plains, fruit trees on the hillside, garden, grow seedlings flowers, grass, vegetables, etc
2. Suitable for large micro spray under watermelon film, vegetables, wheat, medicinal herbs, nursery stock, etc.
3. Apply to the golf course, open air agriculture
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