Irrigation Tape

The Irrigation Tape uses a plastic pipe to send water to the root of the crop through a hole or dripper on a capillary tube having a diameter of about 10 mm for local irrigation. It is a drip or drip tape that is very small through the orifice, and the water is evenly and slowly dripped in the soil near the root of the crop.
It is participial root zone irrigation tape.It convey the water to the crop roots through dipper or emitter build in plastic pipe.It is currently the most effective water saving irrigation methods for the arid regions.Drip irrigation pipes and tapes can be combined with fertilizer,and the effect is remarkable.
Irrigation Tape has the following benifits:
1.The combination of watering and fertilization avoids pesticide poisoning caused by micro springkling.Drip irrigation saves water and fertilizers,improves efficiency of irrigation,and reduces planting cost.
2.It controls earth temperature and humidity and keeps soil from hardening.
3.The function of salt removing not only improves growing environment of crops,but keeps groudwater and surroundings from polluction as well.
4.It protects crop from disease and thus makes green food;It reduces crop growing period and increase crop yield.
5.The crops grow balanced due to outstanding water distribution uniformity.
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