The dripper is the energy dissipation and effluent facility of the drip irrigation system. Its function is to eliminate the residual energy of the pressure water flow in the capillary tube, so that the water flow is dropped from the outlet one by one, and the soil is uniformly and slowly injected into the soil.
The inline dripper is manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance,long service life and not easy to degrade.The silicone rubber diaphragm ensures consistent performance for long period.This dripper can offer a variety of flowrate and the self -cleaning design ensures flushing at all times during operation.
The inline dripper has the following characteristics:
•Turbulent flow path with a wide cross-sectional area obstructs the dripper
•Disassemble the dripper - easy to clean
•Expanded outlet for easy access to polyethylene extension tubes or vinyl tubes
•Ideal for applications with uneven terrain and slope areas to ensure constant flow rates for long-term drip irrigation under challenging terrain conditions
•UV stable, no environmental impact.
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