The flat dripper is a flat and long integrated structure, and has a water inlet filtering window at one end of its adhesive surface, and a narrow, long and sharply curved toothed flow path. The toothed flow channel is connected with the water inlet of the inlet water filtering window, and the water outlet is connected with the water outlet. The one or both sides of the toothed flow channel are respectively provided with an elongated slot and a short through slot, and the back of the flat dripper is provided with a slot rebar and screening table.
The bonding surface of the flat dripper is a circular arc surface, and the bottom surface of the water outlet is a dome surface. The flat dripper has a uniform overall layout, remarkable anti-blocking ability and anti-rolling, anti-rolling and anti-stretching ability, good bonding effect and long service life, which can ensure the liquid nutrients and fertilizers fused with water through the dripper. The drops flow precisely and evenly to the crop, giving the crop the best moisture and nutrients it needs.
Features of the Flat Dripper :
*Made of virgin plastic for stable performance
*Take apart construction for easy cleaning
*Coloured insert facilitates easy identification of flow rate
*Light flat integral dripper
*Short and wide labyrinth with turbulent flow pattern – prevents particle settling
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