Irrigation Dripper

The Irrigation Dripper is an important composition of drip irrigation kit system which directs water exactly where you need it in a wide variety of planting areas and applies water similar to a spray head on an underground system.
The dripper can work efficiently with drip irrigation system that can save up to 70% in water savings. Water flow of each drip emitter head can be individually adjusted, just turn the drip irrigation head counter-clockwise to increase the drip flow, or turn the drip head clockwise to decrease the flow.
Irrigation Dripper Features:
(1)There is window type filter on the dripper and the anti-clogging capacity is strong;
(2)the flow channel is turbulent and the water flow is steady;
(3)the water outlet square is big which strengthen the anti-clogging capacity;
(4)the distance can be chosen in a wide range;
(5)the dripper is installed before being taken out from te factory which saves labor cost and reduce the investment;
(6)anti-erosion capacity is strong.
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