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What special attention should be paid to fertigation
May 19, 2017

One is the problem of excessive irrigation. The biggest worry about fertigation is over irrigation. Many users always feel less water drip irrigation, the heart is not dependable, and the results extend the irrigation time. One consequence of extended irrigation time is waste of water, and the other is the leaching of nutrients that are not absorbed by the soil below the root layer, which wastes fertilizer. Especially nitrogen leaching. Usually, water soluble compound fertilizer contains urea and nitrate nitrogen, and these two nitrogen sources are most easily washed out. Excessive irrigation often show symptoms of nitrogen vacancy, yellow leaves, plant growth. Two is the problem of washing after fertilization. Generally drip water, and then the pipe is completely filled with water after the beginning of fertilization, in principle, the longer the fertilizer the better. After the end of the fertilizer, continue to drip for half an hour of water, the remaining liquid fertilizer pipe all discharged. Many users drop the fat and don't wash the tube, and finally grow algae and microorganisms at the tip of the emitter, leading to the clogging of the emitter. Accurate water dropping time can be monitored by conductivity meter.

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