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What are the advantages of drip fertigation
May 19, 2017

1. drip fertigation is a kind of precise fertilization method. It can only increase the fertilizer use rate at the root only. Compared with the conventional fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer can be saved from 30 to 50%;

2., a large number of savings in fertilizer labor, more than 90% of the traditional fertilizer savings. Fertilization speed, acres of area of fertilization can be completed in 1 days;

3., flexible, convenient and accurate control of fertilizer time and quantity;

4., significantly increase production and quality, and enhance the ability of crops to withstand bad weather;

5., the marginal soil can be used to grow crops, such as sandy land, alpine steep land, mild saline land, etc.;

6., it is beneficial to prevent the leaching of fertilizer into groundwater and pollute the water body;

7., it is beneficial to realize standardized cultivation;

8., because of the coordination of water and fertilizer, water consumption can be significantly reduced. Plus facilities irrigation itself water-saving effect, water-saving more than 50%;

9. drip fertigation can reduce the spread of disease, especially with water borne diseases such as Fusarium wilt. Because drip irrigation is single plant irrigation. When irrigation, water infiltration into the soil, the ground is relatively dry, reducing the humidity between the rows of trees, the incidence will be significantly reduced.

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