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Notice of vegetable irrigation in Greenhouse
May 19, 2017

One is shallow and should not be too large in low temperature and slow evaporation of vegetables shed, reduce the corresponding water demand, so the pouring water should be small, appropriate intervals of time longer, avoid flood irrigation, irrigation or spray should be appropriate, in order to avoid the low temperature and high humidity in root vegetables. The first two days after watering, easy to cause the humidity increase, should pay attention to reasonable ventilation, prevent induced disease. Ventilation is usually at noon when the temperature is high.

The two is the appropriate irrigation time Pengcai irrigation should be arranged in winter noon to 3 p.m. after 10 o'clock in the morning before the studio as well, high temperature, water after minimal side effects. Avoid early morning and late evening watering in case the vegetables freeze. Irrigation should be as much as possible with well water. Because of higher water temperature, the physiological stimulation of vegetables can be reduced.

The three is to look at the sky live water according to the weather conditions, grasp the "sunny appropriate pouring, pouring pouring and less cloudy or not, to avoid watering snow days" principle. When the Qing Zhuanyin weather, water should be gradually reduced, appropriate intervals elongate; from Warrington, water from the corresponding time interval from long to short.

Four is watering should focus on greenhouse, each part of the temperature difference, water quantity also have to be different. The southern greenhouse and near the stove and flue heat sources, and close to the soil moisture evaporation, water quantity can be bigger; shed things on both sides and the northern low temperature, sunshine time is short, the amount of water should be less.

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