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Knowledge sharing of drip irrigation equipment: development of drip irrigation technology(2)
Oct 24, 2018

The two scientific achievements of patch drip irrigation are:

1. Compensation emitter assembly: Compensation emitter is the key component of compensation patch drip irrigation, and its assembly is one of the key technologies of compensation patch drip irrigation. In the past, there was no such technology in our country, only manual assembly method was adopted, because the compensation emitter belongs to precision devices, manual assembly can not meet the requirements. Compensation emitters used in high-end patch drip irrigation have been assembled by foreign companies and sold to us at very high prices.

2. Detection and sorting of patch emitters: Detection and sorting of patch emitters is another key technology in patch drip irrigation production. Injection molding patch emitter, due to raw materials and process reasons, often appear defective, coupled with patch emitter is very precise, and the amount of very large, manual sorting simply can not meet the requirements. In the past, in order not to affect the normal production of the next process, often found a defective emitter, on the whole batch of scrap, a great waste.

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