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Knowledge sharing of drip irrigation equipment: development of drip irrigation technology(1)
Oct 23, 2018

      China's patch drip irrigation production technology has gone through a tortuous road, and now has made major breakthroughs.

      As a kind of farmland water-saving irrigation equipment, patch drip irrigation has been gradually valued and loved by people because of its good irrigation uniformity, good anti-clogging, and high production efficiency of patch drip irrigation production equipment. China's patch drip irrigation equipment and production technology were imported from abroad at the early stage and could not be produced by themselves. Although we can now produce ordinary patch drip irrigation equipment, but patch drip irrigation core technology, foreign companies are blocked to our country, compensation patch drip irrigation production technology has been a blank in the field of water-saving irrigation, the key component of its production compensation patch emitter, is still dependent on imports. It should be said that patch drip irrigation production technology, for a long time, we are still staying abroad in the 1980s technology level, there is no new breakthrough.

The four core technologies of patch drip irrigation machine are:

1. intelligent operation mode, automatic water level control, operation is very simple.

2. in the world, efficient screening and screening speed reached 900 / min.

3. energy saving and consumption reduction. The heating part adopts intelligent electromagnetic heating to save electricity by 30%.

4. visual control drilling technology, punching position does not deviate, 100% no leakage.

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