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Improving fruit yield by proper irrigation
May 19, 2017

The water requirement of different growth stages of fruit trees is different. According to the water demand characteristics of each period of fruit trees, scientific and rational irrigation of fruit trees can not only save water, but also improve the yield and quality, and increase the income. Of these, there are four key irrigation periods:

1) pre flowering stage. In the early flowering stage of fruit trees, if soil moisture can meet the needs of fruit trees, it is beneficial to shoot growth, increase leaf area, promote germination and flowering, improve fruit setting rate, and lay a good foundation for yield increase. Fruit trees are usually irrigated early in the bud.

2) fruit shoot growth and fruit enlargement period after flowering water. The fruit period is the critical period of water requirement, the physiological function of fruit the most exuberant, if the soil water shortage, it will affect the growth and development of fruit, or even fall off.

3) flowering and fruit retention. The period refers to the fruit is in rapid expansion and flower bud differentiation stage, need plenty of water, so should irrigation in time.

4) dormant period. After the autumn harvest, but also prepare the winter for the harvest. Usually have to be implemented in the irrigation soil freezing, winter cold and drought resisting. Moreover, it can also develop flower bud and increase the decomposition rate of fertilizer, and lay a foundation for the healthy growth of fruit trees in the spring of next year.

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