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How to make the water output of drip irrigation pipe suitable for crop needs?
Nov 23, 2018

In the dry season, crop irrigation has become a major problem, with drip irrigation pipes do not have to worry about. However, the size of drip irrigation pipe water output to meet the needs of crops, the following will be introduced for you.

The selection of drip irrigation pipes should follow the principles of economic applicability, scientific rationality, simple operation and convenient management. Scientific irrigation is an irrigation method that has been promoted all the time. It is necessary to make rational design according to the characteristics of water demand, growth stage, climate and soil conditions of the corresponding plants, formulate appropriate irrigation system, timely, appropriate and rational irrigation. Drip irrigation tube can achieve local precise irrigation. In addition to supplying soil moisture to meet the needs of plant growth, it can also dissolve fertilizers and pesticides in water, and combine with modern fertilizer applicators such as fertilizer injection pumps for fertilization and pesticide application. Soil salinization can also be avoided. For saline-alkali soils, irrigation can be used to flush soluble salts in the soil to improve the soil.

In addition, drip irrigation pipe can also prevent frost of fruit and vegetable, dry and hot wind hazards, and prevent soil erosion.

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