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How to deal with the burn problem of drip irrigation equipment
Oct 26, 2018

The burn of drip irrigation equipment is a simple question in use. The formation of "holes" in drip irrigation belts can be concluded to be due to the penetration of plastics due to high temperature. The reason for the high temperature should be that the inside of the film condenses into beads because of water vapor. Under sunlight, the high temperature occurs because of the accumulation effect at certain viewpoints and heights.

If the high temperature between the film and the drip irrigation belt coincides with the focal length of the water droplets, the high temperature produced by the concentrated sunlight causes the drip irrigation belt equipment to melt and produce some appearance of penetration. The typical feature of burns on drip irrigation bands is that the holes converge on the top of the drip irrigation bands and are surrounded by molten lips. The conditions of penetrating holes in drip irrigation zone are as follows: there are more water droplets inside the film, a certain distance between the film and drip irrigation zone, and a large soil moisture. The drip irrigation belt has now formed a burn site and can be connected directly through cut-off. Some of the more severe ones can be replaced by new drip irrigation belts. For lighter burns, plastic films can be used around knotting. The use of mulch drip irrigation special plastic film or multicolor plastic film to isolate the penetration of sunlight.

Press the film together with the drip irrigation equipment to make the film as close as possible to the drip irrigation belt. There is no space between the film and the drip irrigation belt. Prevents sunlight from gathering through drops of water. The land should be leveled before the crops are cultivated, so as to reduce the appearance of many craters. Then prevent the soil, stones and weeds from supporting the film, forming water vapor under the film to form a lens effect, burning drip irrigation zone. When the drip irrigation belt is laid, the drip tape can be buried to prevent focal burn.

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