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Greenhouse irrigation under low temperature seasons
May 19, 2017

The greenhouse planting season is the best choice of fruits and vegetables in the low temperature season in the cold season, how to reasonable and effective irrigation in the low temperature season of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse, directly related to the quality and yield of fruit and vegetable farmers' economic benefits.

Low temperature season greenhouse should choose sunny irrigation of fruits and vegetables, after watering the best in the week is sunny. It should choose appropriate irrigation in the morning temperatures, irrigation water should be stored in a certain period of time can be shed, and close to room temperature before irrigation. This is not only the temperature and the temperature difference is small, easy temperature recovery, not easy to frostbite and full row crops, wet time, relative humidity to control the air. Generally, the temperature is not high at noon and noon. At this stage, watering can easily affect the physiological function of plant roots, which is not conducive to the growth and development of crops. It is not in the dusk and snowy day irrigation, then easy to frostbite crops, while not conducive to moisture, in order to avoid the wet weather, induced fruit and vegetable diseases.

Greenhouse vegetable plants due to a serious shortage of water, dry and dead; water is excessive, the permeability of the soil decreased, plant root respiration is blocked and the lack of oxygen, soil moisture will cause excessive erosion of plant roots, stems on the part of Ye Fahuang and even death. Low temperature low temperature season greenhouse irrigation, greenhouse ventilation, water evaporation, the air humidity is difficult to reduce, so to improve the irrigation frequency, reduce the amount of irrigation. When the temperature is low, the amount of water should be small, long time interval. Low temperature season should not flood irrigation, easy to cause root rot, affecting the economic income of farmers. Micro water irrigation should be selected for greenhouse vegetable irrigation in low temperature season. Micro irrigation plays an important role in regulating microclimate in greenhouse, and micro irrigation can control water quantity effectively, and it is also beneficial to high and stable yield of crops.

Low temperature of the greenhouse irrigation requirements more, pay more attention to the friends of farmers in irrigation, to ensure the normal growth of greenhouse vegetables.

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