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Gravity drip irrigation system from drip irrigation system
May 19, 2017

A drip irrigation system, the construction and operation and maintenance costs are too high; especially the irrigation area is small, although the pressure drip irrigation system can be designed and conventional operation of the small area of land, but because of the decline in the normal operation of water supply equipment and guard system cost is not with the irrigation area reduced in proportion, causing the system to the unit area the irrigation area is larger than the investment more daunting.

Two, drip irrigation system is too complex, more professional, high degree of modernization of our country, large greenhouse management can take a high degree of greenhouse drip irrigation equipment, but it is also a small number of large-scale greenhouse. For the majority of farmer household management mode, the basic can not be used in drip irrigation system. Therefore, to reduce the cost and operation cost of drip irrigation systems, the technique is more easy to be accepted by peasants of drip irrigation, drip irrigation is the work goal, low energy consumption is the development trend of drip irrigation, low energy consumption means the decline of system operation cost, more conducive to the promotion and accept. Since the open channel for gravity can supply driving force, driving force of water supply pipeline system of course can also be blocked, in view of the above reasons, in 1985 it was put forward the idea of self gravity drip irrigation, drip irrigation system in Israel EIN - TAL production is inspired in this idea under the emergence of. The emitter of the irrigation system is a long channel, the labyrinth type is 0.2L / h, and the emitter is fastened to the "4mm". The working head of the system can be reduced to 0.5m. The conventional drip drip irrigation system, the design work of 10m head, in the traditional concept of "emitter working head is high, filling degree of the system were more" under the guidance of irrigation system to ensure the degree of uniformity, usually with 10m as head of the minimum working pressure drop, so the water supply system the high cost of. Compared with the conventional drip irrigation system, the equivalent flow rate can be irrigated 10 times as much as the area under the usual drip irrigation conditions, which greatly saves the fertilizer and water resources. It has a special gravity filter, so there is no particular appeal to the water source. The well water, the river water, the original pool, the puddle, the plastic bucket, the lead leather bucket and the water source for dissolving the multi-element chemical fertilizer are all available. It does not need to rely on energy operation, pressure system without expensive equipment, can be transported to any uniform capillary flow of one end of the main pipe, usually about 2 3min can be transported into the water 40 meters outside the field at the other end, greatly convenient for ordinary household use. The gravity drip irrigation system in greenhouse irrigation has been widely used, mainly in a production method.

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