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Four Misconceptions in the Application of Water-saving Drip Irrigation Equipment System
Nov 22, 2018

Error 1: Irrigation system is unreasonable. Drip irrigation flow is low, users often can not see the irrigation process, if irrigation time is too long, deep leakage will be wasted; if irrigation time is too short, root water stress will occur. Understanding the irrigation intensity, plant water requirement and soil field water holding capacity of the irrigation system can better meet the needs of plants for irrigation. At the same time, it should be remembered that the irrigation period and amount should be adjusted according to the climate and the different growth stages of plants, and the same irrigation system can not always be adopted.

Error 2: Use the wrong dripper. Dropper is usually divided into two types, pressure compensation and non-pressure compensation. Pressure compensation is more expensive, but it works better. Firstly, the pressure compensating emitter can ensure the uniformity of water output and fertilization irrigation for each emitter. Secondly, some pressure-compensated emitters can wash out the impurities blocking the emitters, and some pressure-compensated emitters have large runners, which reduces the possibility of blocking the emitters.

Error 3: Lack of filtering equipment. Many users mistakenly believe that well water does not need to be filtered. In fact, well water often contains coarse sand, fine sand and some chemicals, blocking drippers. Common filters are filters, laminates and media filters. If there is sand in water, centrifugal filters should be used. Before installing the filtration system, the physical and chemical composition of the water quality should be analyzed, appropriate filtration facilities should be adopted according to the water quality, and anti-clogging drippers should be selected.

Error 4: No fertilization through drip irrigation equipment system. Synchronized application of water and fertilizer is a major advantage of drip irrigation. Root growth of plants has water and fertilizer orientation. The application efficiency of fertilizer with irrigation water is higher. However, the use of fertilizer irrigation equipment system to prevent fertilizer irrigation device, in order to prevent fertilizer pollution of groundwater and other water sources.

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