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Drip irrigation pipe production line
Oct 31, 2018

Despite years of drought, the Pitaya planting base of Yunnan Fengnan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has not been greatly affected because the company has introduced advanced precision drip irrigation equipment from abroad, saving a lot of agricultural water during the dry season.

The ground was lined with small black plastic pipes that were connected to precise drip irrigation equipment in the mountaintop workshop. According to Yu Ludong, general manager of Yuanjiang Branch of Yunnan Fengnan Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., this drip irrigation system is a precise drip irrigation system imported from Israel. It is controlled by data sensing color. The moisture content in the soil can be reflected by the value of the system. No one needs to test it. Sometimes the humidity is controlled by data sensing color. When it reaches a certain value, it will automatically add moisture.

The system automatically senses the state of the soil. When the soil is not humid enough, the water will flow out automatically. The water will flow to the orchard through small black pipes connected to the ground, and it will drop precisely under each fruit tree without wasting a drop of water. It not only saves water, but also saves the cost of agriculture. A person with plastic pipe to normal watering, a day up to 35 acres of land, but with this drip irrigation, you can water 2,300 acres of land, saving a lot of labor costs.

Drip irrigation pipe production line19

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