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Drip irrigation pipe production line
Oct 31, 2018

Drip irrigation equipment is a kind of unified irrigation equipment widely used in various crop fields in China. It is welcomed by agricultural workers because of its excellent properties. What are the components of drip irrigation equipment? Components of this irrigation equipment are more complex, encapsulating a series of drip irrigation details such as drip heads, drip irrigation pipes, and the most important filtering devices. Because the irrigation water used in the equipment is transported through such a long pipeline, its cleanliness can not be well guaranteed. Therefore, in order to get better irrigation conditions for crops, it is very important to install filtration facilities to remove debris.

In addition, drip irrigation equipment also needs certain fertilizer installations. The reason is that the main function of this equipment is not only to provide crops with regular and quantitative watering, but also for the unified and quantitative fertilization of crops, to ensure that fertilizer is not wasted, improve the use of fertilizer. Also because of the excellent nature of this irrigation equipment to integrate the two, so many agricultural workers choose this equipment to save human and material resources. The use of drip irrigation equipment is also quite necessary. Because the components of this equipment include a fixed-time and quantitative device, people can use the device to set a unified set to determine when to carry out a unified irrigation, and how much water to supply. Therefore, for large areas of land, this kind of equipment can be effectively unified management, convenient for workers. And if large areas of land are watered manually, it will be very hard and will cost a lot of labor resources. Therefore, in order to save costs, the use of drip irrigation equipment is a good solution.

Drip irrigation pipe production line 17

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