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Concept of water saving and high efficiency irrigation
May 19, 2017

With the continuous improvement of greenhouse tomato technology, high-quality tomatoes have been emerging, but how to use water-saving irrigation way to better save costs. In the non full irrigation research in the past, more or consideration from the angle of water saving and production problems, through the different stages of the water demand and the different growth and physiological characteristics of soil, crop is proposed to keep higher photosynthetic rate and avoid transpiration of soil water standard. The quality of water-saving irrigation is different from the traditional irrigation.

High quality high efficiency water saving irrigation is defined from the yield of crop water quality response of physiological mechanism, in response to selection based on water quality index of sensitive, so as to achieve water-saving, high yield and high quality target through water regulation in different growth stages. The greenhouse tomato index determination requires tradeoff between tomato high yield and water saving and the quality of the relationship, to ensure the production of a certain level, while also taking into account the efficiency and improve the quality of water use, or to ensure a certain quality standards under the premise, as far as possible to improve the yield with less water input, so as to obtain high economic benefit, coordinated to achieve water-saving, high yield and high quality of the three.


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