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Brief introduction of drip irrigation pipe production line
Oct 27, 2018

The production line is used to produce various specifications of inlaid columnar emitter drip irrigation pipe products, with the characteristics of stable production and complete product specifications. The line has a number of patented technology, high added value, complete product specifications, durable products, in the drip irrigation product market occupies a higher share, is one of the necessary models for large and medium-sized water-saving irrigation enterprises.

Working principle:

The drip irrigation pipe is made of the cylindrical emitter which is directly embedded in the inner part of the external hose and fused with the inner part during the production process. The inner convex part of the cylindrical emitter forms a closed channel with the inner wall of the external hose. The water entering the pipe from the branch pipe enters the turbulent flow channel through the filtration of the inlet and distributes to both ends through the outlet. After punching two circular outlet holes at the end of the drip irrigation pipe relative to 180 degrees, the backdraft can be effectively prevented.

1. the extruded pipe has seamless and high strength structure.

2. it has high versatility, easy access and simple components, and can produce pipes with different wall thickness and diameter.

3. the drip distance between drip irrigation pipes can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.

Drip Irrigation Pipe (Flat Inner Inserted Emitter)

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