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Application Method of Drip Irrigation Equipment
Nov 26, 2018

1. Water conveyance pressure adjustment: adjust the water pressure to 0.03-0.05 MPa, the excessive pressure will easily cause the rupture of the hose. If there is no pressure gauge, it can be judged from the operation of the drip hose. If the hose is approximately circular, the water sound is not very big, the pressure is appropriate; if the hose is too tight, the water sound is too loud, indicating that the pressure is too big, it should be adjusted. 

2, fertilization technology: when using the drip irrigation system to fertilize, you can purchase special fertilizing equipment or self-made, connect the liquid outlet pipe with the branch pipe of the dripper hose, add the dissolved fertilizer continuously to the fertilizing device, or press the fertilizer with a micro pump or sprayer into the branch pipe, that is, the fertilizer can be finished, and the fertilization is usually finished at the end of the irrigation. During the first half hour, the hole leading into the fertilizer should be closed when not in use.

3. Regulation and control of water supply: Irrigation water quantity should be determined according to different growth periods of crops and weather conditions. Generally, it is about cubic metres per hectare/irrigation per mu, less seedling stage, more flourishing period of crop growth, more irrigation at high temperature and drought; when there is no flowmeter, water supply time can be calculated through hose. Or it can be judged by the wetness of the soil. Although the time of each irrigation is affected by factors such as water pressure, diameter of soft strip, number of soft strips, size and density of drip holes, and flow rate, most of them are soil hygrometers, which supply water more scientifically according to the suitable irrigation amount needed by crops. In actual production, drip-irrigated vegetables are more likely to go mad than traditional irrigated vegetables. Long, so it should be properly controlled to avoid affecting production.

Above is today's knowledge about drip irrigation equipment. Your trust is our eternal power and your satisfaction is our greatest achievement.

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