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Analysis of application of water saving irrigation in flower industry
May 19, 2017

The shortage of water resources is a global concern, the modern water-saving irrigation technology in crop irrigation to gradually replace the traditional mode of production, in the flower industry, the traditional manual spraying pipe watering and gradually withdraw from the stage, instead of the high degree of mechanization, automation, micro irrigation and other water-saving technology of water saving effect is good, some places with network technology by means of intelligent irrigation management of greenhouse flowers. The application of water saving irrigation technology in flower industry has the following advantages and problems worth discussing.

First, the advantages of water-saving irrigation flowers

The application of water-saving irrigation in flower production has five distinct advantages:

1, water conservation. Traditional flowers and plants enterprises use artificial water pipes to water, the efficiency is relatively low, if the use of drip irrigation, small pipe flow of water-saving irrigation technology, not only can irrigation than water saving 50%-70%, but also can improve irrigation uniformity.

2, saving labor cost. The application of water-saving irrigation technology in flower production can save more than 90% of the labor force. Such as with automatic controller or programmable controller, frequency converter and other equipment, but also more reduce manpower input, greatly save manpower.

3. Change the planting structure of flowers. Nowadays, roof greening and terrace gardening are becoming more and more popular. Stereoscopic flower beds are also widely used in municipal gardens. Therefore, the use of micro irrigation combined with drip irrigation to promote three-dimensional afforestation has achieved remarkable results.

4, easy to achieve integration of water and fertilizer. The integration of water and fertilizer in flower production is also a big trend. The water fertilizer coupling technique is a hot topic in the field of irrigation, irrigation at the same time, according to the needs of flowers in different growth period, the fertilization sprayingpesticide synchronization.

5, improve the microclimate in the field. For non high humidity environment of flowers, drip irrigation can be used, for those who like the humidity of the use of micro spray, sprinkler irrigation can also play a role in cooling, from improving the local small plant environment.

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