Inline drip irrigation system generally consist of a first hub, tubing and dripper.
The first hub: including pumps (and power machines), fertiliser tanks, filters, control and measuring instruments. Its role is to pump, fertilize, filter, and send a certain amount of water to the main pipe at a certain pressure.
Pipeline: including dry pipe, branch pipe, capillary pipe and necessary adjustment equipment (such as pressure gauge, gate valve, flow regulator, etc.). Its function is to uniformly deliver pressurized water to the dripper.
Dripper: Its function is to make the water flow through tiny channels, forming energy loss, reducing its pressure, and dropping it into the soil in a drip manner. The dripper is usually placed on the surface of the soil and can also be protected by shallow burial.
Inline drip irrigation system Features
(1)The system has special designed identification device that can provide 100% dripper passing guarantee.
(2)The dripping hole space can be adjusted through the PLC interface
(3)Configured with two alarm system for accident skipping and spacing deviation identify
(4)Configured with high speed camera and PLC interface operating interface for tracking,monitoring,and record storage.
(5) It is used by servo motor drive.automatic completion for dripper winding displacement,cutting and metering
(6)Very simple PLC operating interface for winding speed and roll volume control
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