Flat Drip Irrigation Line is mainly used in the production base of Polyolefin single wing labyrinth water conveying belt on a turbulent flow, the widely used drip, shed along the crop plant line laid, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and other crops irrigation.
This flat drip irrigation line adopts centralized control by computer, having the characteristics of stable production process, easy operation, continuous production of mosaic flat emitter type drip irrigation tools for water saving.Emitters feeding, choosing, transferring, storage, quantity-fixing supply and mosaic can be completed continuously and synchronously. Transfer speed can be adjusted according to production speed of drip irrigation tape, ensuring that plastic emitters can be transferred to the bonding place of drip tape accurately and then bond them firmly.The Unique structure, special materials and advanced processing crafts of screw bolt of extruder, die head, and dimension-fixing cylinder makes raw materials extruded plasticized evenly, Pipe-wall smooth and diameter fixed stable.The line adopts mechanical method with PLC controlled to drill dripping holes. Meanwhile, it is equipped with residue recycling system. It has high characteristics of high speed of hole-drilling and no residue left.
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