Our drip line has been introduced to serve farmers.It can help them to protect our water resources, save energy, pesticides and fertilizers, and get the highest productivity from plants and trees. Flat drip irrigation tubes are available for all plantable plants, beets, corn, potatoes, carrots, sunflowers, and all types of wild plants and decorative plants.
It operates safely under high pressure because it is seamless and it is a durable pipe that can be cleaned by itself. Thanks to its durable dripper, it can be rolled safely and combined several times. The line can be easily installed in a variety of conditions. The extension distance is longer than the others.
Our flat drip irrigation line has the most advanced technology in current irrigation systems. The principle of drip irrigation is to provide the daily water demand of the drip type of the plant by not generating a large amount of water demand for the plant. In other words, it means irrigating plants rather than soil. Fertilizer application can be carried out daily or every 2-3 days using a drip irrigation method to meet the nutritional needs of the plant. Therefore, important yield and quality can be obtained. Advantages of the drip line:
- Can be easily stored without much space.
- According to the climate of the region, the increase in production can reach 50-100%.
- Provide a shorter development cycle for the plant and provide early harvest.
- Provide low pressure and low flow water irrigation.
- Irrigation of larger fields with less water than other irrigation systems.
Huaxushengtai is one of the leading China drip line manufacturers and suppliers with 10 years experience. All drip line products offered in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Welcome to wholesale our cheap products and enjoy our low price and professional after-sale service.

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