Drip Irrigation Equipment

Drip irrigation equipment
The drip irrigation equipment we provide mainly includes flat drip irrigation lines, drip irrigation lines and online drip irrigation systems. The drip irrigation equipment production line is mainly used for turbulence on the polyolefin single-wing labyrinth water conveyance belt of the production base. It is widely used for drip irrigation, laying along crop lines, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and other crops. Drip irrigation technology can save water, labor, fertilizer, and high yield. The drip irrigation system must be filtered and equipped with a fertilizer application.
Our flat drip irrigation line continuously and efficiently produces flat emitter drip irrigation tubes. The output has the characteristics of uniform thickness, high efficiency of the inner tube of the launch tube, and good sealing performance between the launch tube and the pipeline. The whole process is controlled by a computer system to make the process stable and easy to operate.
Our production line adopts high efficiency extruder, rapid in net, screw blowing head.The special design of vacuum suction plastic composite forming die, ensure the accuracy of the machine and composite strength.Unique mesurement device and scale huff, ensure the accuracy of products.The extruder and hual off adopt ac frequency conversion control technology, easy to adjust.
Huaxushengtai is one of the leading China drip irrigation equipment manufacturers and suppliers with 10 years experience. All drip irrigation equipment products offered in our factory meet the highest quality standard. Welcome to wholesale our cheap products and enjoy our low price and professional after-sale service.

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